Play is important for the intellectual development of your CHildren

We all know how important ( block) play is for the development of your child. But, sometimes,  you ask yourself what to use for your  children during the playing hours?

Play is important because it helps in the development of several qualities; interaction with others while playing one of the most important ways for children to work on their social techniques. 

With this knowledge in mind, there are certain new wooden toys that help here is very good at.

Wooden toys are great to develop skills. They are also easy to use, easy to clean, no chemicals are used to make them and they go a lot longer than plastic toys. Have you ever bought a plastic toy to find out a week later that it was already broken?

Especially when your children are young, it is worthwhile to purchase wooden blocks. The blocks help to develop imagination and creativity, because yoru kids can build anything with it what they want. In addition, playing puzzles with letters / numbers and animals are also very good for the development of your child.

This does not mean that wooden toys are only fun for young children ( aged 2-3)  There are plenty of wooden blocks toys available for older children, such as our innovative wooden building toys lucotoys s ,  wooden balance bike . The perfect toy to get out your child! This kind of toy will keep them active and provides hours of fun.

There is plenty of educational wooden toys available for all ages. You'll only have to go looking for. You will find that wooden toys soon experience very good for the development in a different way than the plastic toys. The modern plastic toy comes with flashing lights and crisp sounds that your child actually learning anything. In addition, we have discovered that this type of toy is often focused on a single baby and playing together total does not stimulate.

Wooden toys can be exciting and educational and challenges children to be creative. There is nothing wrong with the exposure technique, but certainly at a young age is important that they develop their own skills and develop their own personality.

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Lucotoys is an invented toy by parent and KIDS

ogether we were frustraded tat there were no interlocking wooden toy bricks, only stacking bricks that could fall down easily, tat is why we came up with our  Learning toys for 4 year and 5 year olds


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