TESTing the injection mold 

When a mold is ready, it is up to our team of injection molders to make products
with it. Setting up and tuning a mold requires special professional competence.
The injection molding process starts with the mounting of the mold on the machine.
The plastic granulate is supplied and heated in a cylinder so that it
heated a liquid phase . The cylinder presses against the mold,
after which the heated plastic is injected under high pressure into the cavity
of the mold. The material is then post-pressed. When the plastic is cooled,
the mold is opened and the product is ejected. Coordinating the emphasis,
cooling time and residual pressure is where the expertise and experience
of the injection molding companies is crucial.
A test is always done first so that any future production problems
can be prevented. The injection mold assesses the mold on its operation and
records any deviations. In the event that the mold needs improvement,
it will be optimized by the mold supplier. A test spraying is carried out again
and if the mold functions properly a sampling production will take place.
The samples
are inspected for quality and if this is optimal it goes to our client for approval.

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roger van der linden

entrepreneur, inventor set up different enterprises in the field of engineering, mold making prototyping and industrial design, also creator of wooden toys brand LUCO