Wooden toy design

We are toy designers, usually we use wood and our own patented wooden bricks. With these bricks oen can make different deisgn suc as furniture, scaled houses

we have started designing domestic appliances ( Philips) , such as shavers, besides designing toys and sportsproducts ; we started in 2008 a co-operation with an injection mold china manufacturer located near Shanghai.. 

 Now that my kids are at home from school, they have had more time to play. Yes you know it it is summer vacations/holidyas

 No matter their age, the traditional wooden building block toys are the ones that sustain play for hours and days.

 Given their enthusiasm for building drum sets, houses, airplanes, spaceships, etc., I was inspired to write this list of the most popular wooden building block toys in our home that inspire open-ended, creative play. find here a nice website with mor einformation about wooden toy bricks : http://www.lucotoys.com/luco-toys-wooden-building-blocks-information/